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Tourist visit to Germany


Are you going to have holidays in Germany?

Visa Needed?

Entry clearance requirements are dependent on the nationality of the applicant. Citizens of many countries do not need a visa to visit Germany for stays up to 90 days within a period of 6 months. Please check our country list if you are not sure whether you need a visa.

Table of countries whose citizens require/do not require visas to enter Germany

The validity of Japanese Visa ( Residence Card ) has to last until at least three months after the intended date of departure from Germany ( also Schengen area).

Required Documents

Required Documents Further, you must apply in person.
fully completed application form (web version or only German and English versions accepted) and declaration
one passport photograph (strict requirements, see details)

National passport valid for at least 3 months after your return from the Schengen area and one copy.

The passport must have at least two blank visa-pages.

original of valid Japanese residence card one copy
your current bank statements from the previous six months and one copy
Confirmation letter from your health insurance for trips outside Japan and one copy
(for details see here) PDF / 200 KB

reference letter from your employer or ( one original and one copie )

- if you are a student = student confirmation of the university;
- if you are the owner of a company = original of the commercial registration and your last income taxpayment receipt;
- if you are a housewife/househusband = job letter of your husband/wife

proof of group travel/hotel reservation/airline reservation and one copy
visa fees (60 EUR, payable in Japanese yen according to the official exchange rate on the date of application)

Please note: In individual cases, you may be required to provide additional documents.

Processing time

It is essential to allow yourself sufficient time when applying for a visa. The process may take up to 2 week, sometimes even longer.

Afghanistan*, Bahrain*, Bangladesh*, Belarus, Colombia*, Egypt*, Indonesia*, Iran*, Iraq*, Jordan*, Kazakhstan*, Kuwait*, Lebanon*, Libya*, Morocco, Nigeria*, North Korea*, Oman*, Pakistan*, Qatar*, the Philippines*, Saudi-Arabia*, Somalia*, Sudan*, Surinam*, Syria*, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates*, Uzbekistan*, Vietnam*, Yemen*, as well as Palestinians*, stateless persons* and refugees holding travel documents issued by one of the listed countries*.

*It takes about TWO TO THREE WEEKS to process visa applications of citizens of these countries.

Where to apply for a Schengen Visa

If you wish to visit only one of the Schengen countries, you must apply at the embassy/consulate of that country. If you wish to visit more than one of the Schengen countries, you must apply at the embassy/consulate of the country which is your main destination. If you do not have a main destination, you must apply at the embassy/consulate of the country which you will travel to first. The visa shall be applied for in the country where you reside legally.

To whom wants to send back by post

If you live in far from the Embassy or from the Consulate General and want your passport with the visa sent to you by mail,

Embassy Tokyo: please prepare a "Letter Pack" ( 510 Yen) from post office so that we can return your passport after issuing the visa.

Consulate General Osaka: Please prepare an envelope (size DIN A4) with your address so that we can return your passport after issuing the visa. Stamps are not necessary as we will send the passport by Takkyubin, collect on delivery.

Please Note: Although the information on this website has been prepared with utmost care, we cannot accept any responsibility for inaccuracies contained herein.